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Medication Pain Management

At The Centers for Comprehensive Pain Management, we take great efforts to ensure the wellbeing of our patients at all times. Prescriptions are closely monitored and potentially addictive medications are accompanied by regular drug screening.

Medications for pain management as been shown to alleviate pain symptoms. The use of medication to alleviate your chronic pain symptoms is less focused on eradicating your pain, and more concerned with reducing how much pain you have and how often it occurs. If your physician recommends pharmacological aids to help you cope with your pain, he/she will clearly discuss all potential risks and benefits.

All medications have potential side effects, drug interaction, possible addiction or liver damage. As part of your treatment with CC4PM you will be ask to complete full questionnaire including:

  • Allergies
  • Current medications
  • Your personal medical history
  • Family's medical history

Pharmacological pain management may just be the treatment that works best for your acute or chronic pain condition. If so, CC4PM will help you get the pain relief you need for the more active life you deserve.

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