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It is our objective at The Centers For Pain management to provide a supportive, challenging, active care environment for patients experiencing chronic pain. At CC4PM our pain management professionals which include physicians, physical therapists, clinical therapist and medical practitioners work toward programs that promote an increase in the daily functioning and decrease in pain. We teach life-long pain-management skills through our various modalities and treatments encouraging patients to better manage their own pain and improve their quality of life.

The CC4PM we are committed to providing the latest treatments and therapies for chronic pain disorders. Our goal is to through effective rehabilitation and medical support to return you to life.

Patients benefit from an interdisciplinary treatment program designed to:

  • Learn long term strategies for health maintenance and a balanced lifestyle
  • Return to daily living, occupational tasks and leisure pursuits
  • Resolve the emotional and psychological effects of chronic pain.
  • Pharmacotherapy for pain management when appropriate


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