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Pain Relief Becomes Tech-Savvy
Posted on September 26, 2019

Pain Relief Becomes Tech-Savvy

Alongside the nation’s leading expert in pain medicine, Dr. Alexander Escobar implants the world’s first ever Abbott recharge free ProclaimXR spinal cord stimulator for the treatment of chronic pain.

Proclaim™ XR neurostimulation system uses Abbott’s proprietary, low energy BurstDR™ therapy coupled with the BoldXR™ low dosing protocol for safe, effective pain relief and a battery that lasts up to 10 Years. Abbott’s low-dose and low-energy pain management technology is designed to provide pain relief and improve system longevity, offering patients a life-altering option for pain relief without the hassles of recharging. Abbott’s low-energy stimulation is based on finding the lowest effective dose as determined by the treating clinician for select patients. It delivers BurstDR stimulation intermittently, at low energy levels, while allowing people to experience the same level of superior pain relief. Proclaim XR also uses familiar Apple mobile digital devices and Bluetooth wireless technology to help discreetly manage pain and fit seamlessly into a patient’s lifestyle. 

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