Comprehensive Centers for Pain Management

We strive to put our patients’ needs first and foremost, and understand how difficult and debilitating dealing with chronic pain can be. Read below some of the amazing stories people have shared about their battle against chronic pain, and the part that CC4PM played in helping them get back to the life and activities they love to do.

I live in chronic pain and have been for over a decade. Dr. Gao has been very helpful, offering up-to-date medical procedures that keeps my pain at a manageable level. Everyone is extremely friendly and positive, I would recommend the clinic to anyone I know that is suffering from chronic pain!

— Ian, Chronia Pain Patient

Pain management has given me my life back! The procedures have reduced my pain, thetherapy has increased my range of motion, and the level of concern from the staff gives me hope for a complete recovery

— Anonymous

Saw Dr. Moghal on May 8, 2019 for an initial consultation. He was able to work me intothe surgical center schedule the next day for treatment. Being able to take care of me so soon I was very thankful! I am very optimistic this treatment has been helpful. Excellent attention paid to my situation and problem. A big thank you!

— Joe Schweitzer

Back on the first day that Dr. James opened the pain clinic I was there–first appointmentof the morning! I was there for my neck and as the years have gone by the pain clinic staff has helped and blessed me with my hands, all levels of my back, my shoulders, my knees, or whatever I have needed! I wouldn’t know what to do without Dr. Moghal and his specialized knowledge and skills. The nursing staff is absolutely fantastic and very kind to me every single time! This pain clinic has saved my life!!

— Kathy Meyer

Dr. Moghal is my doctor and I have been in chronic pain for over 30 years and at 70 years old I thought it was going to stay the same. I think Dr. Moghal and his team have extended my life span and made dealing with chronic pain tolerable. Don’t fear this place,they have your best interest at heart!

— Anonymous

Thank you so much for talking to me and trying to help with my pain. I know I’m not aneasy case so I can’t thank you enough for doing what you can for me!

— Lori

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