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“The Great Decompression” – Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Treatment
Posted on June 12, 2019

“The Great Decompression” – Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Dr. Escobar was the featured presenter at Mancy’s Steakhouse in Toledo Ohio on June 12, 2019. His presentation on Evidence-Based Therapy for the Treatment of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis was well attended and educated the group on a minimally invasive solution for patients who are diagnosed with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.

In short, traditional spine surgeries have been done openly with long incisions, and significant retraction of muscle in order to expose the spine. However, as technology has advanced, this has allowed medical professionals to make smaller incisions to accomplish the same tasks resulting in less blood loss, lower rates of infection and faster patient recovery. The Vertiflex Superion interspinous spacers serve as an indirect spinal decompression device. Its anatomic design provides optimal fit and preserves a patient’s anatomy and ability to maintain motion. Superion acts as an extension blocker, relieving pressure on the affected nerves, and as a result relieves the patients pain in a seated or flexed position. Results and recovery for each patient are always individualized and always different. However, Vertiflex Superion procedure is one of the very few procedures in pain medicine that has five-year data, which is a significant improvement in medicine regarding pain treatment options. Vertiflex states that initially, nearly 50% of patients that received a Vertiflex spacer were using opioid medications and that after five years that number had decreased by 85%.

Did You Know?

There’s only 4 doctors in the Toledo area and roughly 200 physicians in the United States who are certified to perform the Vertiflex intraspinal spacer procedure; Dr. William James and Dr. Alexander Escobar are two of them! In one year, Comprehensive Centers for Pain Management has performed 40 Vertiflex Superion spinal spacer procedures!

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